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tv   Today in Iowa at 530  NBC  February 26, 2016 5:30am-6:00am CST

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your dreams evolve, and with committed support, they thrive. american family insurance. new overnight. an evening chase lights up the streets of des moines. hear what officers say started it all... and how they finally caught the driver. py-02fr :49 - :53 ""i witnessed him shoot the shots. i mean, that vivid, i can still see it."1:00 - 1:03 "he yelled hey, and then boom, boom, boom " witnesses describe the awful
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kansas business. what we know this morning about the attack. move over. lawmakers want iowans to get way over to avoid two-wheeled travelers. we'll tell you what you may be expected to do next time you spot a biker ahead. it's friday. february 26th. today in iowa
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21st first on 13... we're waking up first on 13... we're waking up to a tense situation in kansas this morning... following a series of deadly shootings there yesterday evening. overnight, police faced more tension as they investigated the suspect's home. the whole situation started unfolding at around five last night... officials say an attacker opened fire at a company in hesston, kansas -- that's near wichita. when it was over four people were killed -- including the gunman -- more than a dozen were
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critical injuries. the first officer to arrive single handily took the gunman down. then overnight while investigating his home, authorities were led to believe more victims or a possible second shooter could be inside... they eventually found out the home was empty. no word on an exact motive this morning, be we are told the shooter was an employee at the company. one person is behind bars this morning after an evening chase streets of des moines. it all started last night around eventually came to an end in the 3600 block of kinsey avenue. that's where this van -- labeled field pro painters -- slid off the roadway... and hit a tree. a tow truck had to be called in to pull it out of the ditch.. officers then searched the inside with flashlights. we're told one man -- michael field -- was taken into custody after he tried to get away on foot. he had a warrant out for his
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charges. lawmakers are working to make the streets safer for bicyclists... a bill is moving its way through the state house to that would require drivers to move into a different lane any time they pass a bicyclist. the rule does not apply when there is a bike lane in place. advocates say 50-percent of fatal bicycle vs. car crashes have been caused by a vehicle overtaking a rider. they think this could help prevent incidents. 'its not going to change just something that will be on peoples minds and if it makes an improvement its all for the better.' the bill passed the senate yesterday, it now goes to the house. local teens are tackling a derrogatory term with paint today... the teen summit takes over the des moines social club this morning. it brings together young iowans
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word. they'll do that with the use of graffiti art and poetry. the event runs through tomorrow. spring is just around the corner and soon we'll be thinking about cleaning and maybe even redecorating. channel 13's josh nguyen is live this morning from valley junction, where they hope to give you a couple new ideas this weekend. let's go to josh now, what store are you at? discover all that historic valley junction has to offer with a day full of learning. join demonstrations, classes and craft sessions at diy in the junction... from 10 to 6 saturday. the
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the light sw winds and the added sunshine this afternoon will make for some nice friday weather. by saturday winds will start to pick up from the southwest, but this will help to warm much of central iowa into the upper 50s and lower 60s. the winds will gust close to 40 mph. more winter weather is in the forecast by tuesday. parts of the state have a chance to see
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i-80/35 @ west mix i-235 @ euclid lane closure on 63rd map ia 28 southbound: right lane closed. between i-235 and ia 5 . right lane closed because of utility work. starting today at 9:00am cst
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coming up next, david geiger joins us with this morning's agribubuiness report. then... girl power. the new toys you'll find at target.. and why the store says it's trying to redefine action
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a mas what's all this nonsense about balls? pink balls, blue, yellow, red. it's hard to keep the whole thing straight. and all these so-called deals? well, they come with a lot of deal breakers. like when you leave the city the signal goes weak. u.s. cellular built a network to give you a stronger signal where the other guys don't. and as for deals? how's $300 back for every line you switch? $300! no ball nonsense. get $300 per line and a stronger signal,
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bureau federation. in an analysis released this week, afbf claim ratifying the trans-pacific partnership will boost farm income by $4.4 billion.they add not approving the trade deal could be harmful as well. could make agreements with each other. president of the iowa farm bureau says, "had we not performed this agreement, you would see other nations with bilateral agreements that would have circumvented our abilities to enter into this marketplace countries like china. so we pre-empt china with this agreement. this agreement sets the stage for other countries to join. and one of the states that's most greatly benefited by this is iowa." in iowa, hill says tpp would boost exports by $389 million, largely in pork but also other proteins. the farm bureau predicts price increases in the protein sector by $2.66 a hundredweight for beef, $2.45/cwt for pork, and $1.40/cwt for poultry. trade is also expected to increase. hill says there will be $632 million dollars of additional farm receipts in iowa. according to hill, while the grain market won't be impacted as strongly, iowa could still benefit,
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the grain and we will feed it to livestock here in iowa. furthering added value to that. creating jobs here in iowa and then exporting the meat as a cellophane or a package product." hill says the number of new jobs in iowa is expected to be 2,940. the 12 member nations of tpp reached an agreement last year and signed the pact earlier this month. it still has to be ratified by the governments of each member. congress may try to delay the
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more about an evening chase this morning. it started around 9-30 last night at east 19th and grand. the driver eventually went off the road and hit a tree in the 3600 block of kinsey avenue.
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after he tried to get away on foot. he had a warrant out for his arrest and is now facing a list of other charges. tension from a kansas workplace shooting continued overnight. four people -- including a gunman -- were killed yesterday evening when a shooter opened fire at his workplace. last night officers staged outside his home were told another shooter may have been inside. the home was empty once they did enter. still no word on an exact motive. the race toward super tuesday is heating up this morning.. tuesday's vote is the biggest stop along the presidential nominating schedule. last night republicans geared up by taking the debate for the last time before the big vote. insults were flying fast, most of them in the direction of front-runner donald trump... as senators ted cruz and marco rubio tag teamed their attacks.
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carson... 1:06 - 1:14 presidential candidate 1:06-1:09 not seen on cam"can somebody attack me please?"cheers tomorrow voters in south democratic pick for the oval office. hillary clinton currently leads over bernie sanders. the search for a supreme court roadblock. the republican governor under pulled his name from the list. nevada governor brian sandoval told the white house yesterday he does not want to replace the late antonin scalia... he didn't give a reason for his decision. some new superhero action figures will make their debut on target shelves next month. what makes them unique... they're all girls. the "d-c super hero girls" line will feature supergirl, batgirl, poison ivy, wonder woman and more. the line comes after the new star wars action figure line -- famously did not feature any
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still ahead this morning... on the up. dorm living is getting pricier for cyclones, hawkeyes and pathers alike. we'll tell you how student workers are partially driving
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i-235 @ 22nd fighting for first.. last night candidates take the stage for the final republican debate before super tuesday. fighting for first.. last night candidates take the stage for the final republican debate before super tuesday. we'll tell you why it was mostly a battle between two of them.. py-02fr :49 - :53 ""i witnessed him shoot the shots. i mean, that vivid, i can still see it."1:00 - 1:03 "he yelled hey, and then boom, boom, boom " witnesses describe the awful scene... as an employee starts shooting people at a kansas business. what we know this morning about the


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